Feminine Dance

At different times in our lives, we may feel disconnected to our bodies.  We may become critical of our bodies and as a result become disconnected with body, mind, and spirit. However, when we love ourselves and our bodies, we help strengthen the mind/body/spirit connection and in-turn give our children permission to love themselves by our example.  What we do, our children do.

Here is a link to a dance I learned, called The Feminine Dance.  By doing this dance everyday, it encourages you to honor your body, to be more soft and gentle with yourself.  It honors all of your relationships as well: with your Higher Power, family, husband, children, and friends.

Feminine Dance

Hands above your head = Your Higher Power or Heavenly Father

Left side = Your Past

Right side = Your Future

Honor your body and all it does for you!  Your face, arms, hands, legs, feet, organs, etc.  Our bodies are amazing!  At the end, honor your heart.  Think to yourself, “I love myself so fully and I can share my love with others,” and thank your Higher Power above.


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