A.M. & P.M. Schedule


What you do in the first and last 30 minutes of the day can have a profound effect on your attitude, your ability to focus, the emotions you experience, and the results of your day.  By creating a routine, or an A.M. and P.M. Schedule, you can start and end your day with positive energy.  We face things each day that can be negative and opposing.  Why not face each day with Attention with Intention!  The AM/PM schedule will give you direction and strength each day!

Your morning schedule should be designed to get you going in the right direction for the day.  Your bedtime schedule tells your brain what you want it to work on during the night.  What you take into your brain right before you go to bed is played over and over in your mind thousands of times as you sleep.

Here is an example of what my typical A.M. & P.M. Schedule looks like right now:

A.M. Schedule: 

Exercise/Dance, Vision Board, Read Scriptures, Body Poster/Mirror Words, Declarations

P.M. Schedule:

Vision Board, Bond with Family, Sway, Empower/Release Tool, Journal

AM_PM_2 Click here to view and print out the AM / PM Schedule.  This is a 4 week schedule. You can cut it to keep track of 1 week at a time.

Check off the items you accomplish each day so your brain sees evidence that you ARE accomplishing something!  Give yourself confidence! Keep it simple!


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