White Kitchen Remodel

I am so excited to reveal our FINALLY completed  kitchen remodel!!!  This project was not a planned remodel.  However, the project began nearly 5 months ago when we had an accidental microwave fire, which ruined part of the kitchen.  It’s been a LoooNNnnnggGGG 5 months, however, this has turned out to be a BLESSING in disguise!

When we built our home nearly 8 years ago, ALL shades of BROWN were the GO TO decorating colors.  However, over time it began to become boring for me.  We thought about painting our kitchen cabinets white, but it wasn’t a priority project…….until the kitchen fire.

As you can see from the pictures below, the change is quite drastic!!!  I love how bright my kitchen is now!  It’s so refreshing!!!



We kept the island black to add contrast (and black / white is my FAVORITE color combination)!  We have future plans to replace the current bar stools, as they don’t totally go with the new look.


The paint color is Benjamin Moore Simply White.


The island pendants are from Lowes.


We purchased the hardware from Amazon.com.


Love my Dairy Free Cookbook I completed a few days after the kitchen fire in November 2015.  I just made the Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie this afternoon!  YuuuMMMMMy!



The white hutch in the background is another project we completed earlier this year.  I love the option to paint furniture to TOTALLY change the look of a piece of furniture.

If you ever plan to remodel a kitchen, just remember to be patient.  It was a struggle at times preparing and cooking meals for my family, however, the reward of the finished project is worth it!


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